Why Us?


Why us for your bookkeeping needs?


Seems like we are often asked why us? Well, our accounting experience and history of entrepreneurship separates us from the bookkeeper and local accountant pack. First of all, we understand your concern handing over your financials to a bookkeeping firm or now accountant. Secondly, it can be scary trusting people you haven’t met before. Rest assured, we are experienced accounting professionals with years of small business and corporate accounting experience, even have Master’s degrees and business degrees in accounting. We didn’t just go through courses on bookkeeping to become a accountant over night. While were are not CPA’s that do taxes, we can provide a multitude or accounting services Certified Public Accountants provide only cheaper. Plus, your small business matters to us no matter how small. Our staff have experience in small business, QuickBooks Online, Xero, and more and are certified professionals in the cloud accounting programs we use. As we grow, each new staff member goes through an interview process that includes skill testing and certification.


Accountants with a passion for entrepreneurs


Also, when asked why us? Most importantly, we are dedicated to providing quality service. Because we focus on small business, every account matters to us. For the reason that we are also fellow small business entrepreneurs, we understand your time is precious and you wear many hats, but bookkeeping doesn’t have to be one of them. Above all, getting your books clean and healthy with is not only smart, its essential for a sound financial future where you can maximize profits, maintain great cash flow, and reduce your expenses.


Why Businesses Fail to do their Accounting?


Because, we know the top reasons why business owners fail to do their bookkeeping include:

1) Don’t want the added business cost to outsource

2) Lack of Time

3) Lack of Knowledge

4) You hate doing it

5) Intimidation

6) Embarrassment

7) Facing unprofitablity


Consequently, there are so many reasons that you can put your bookkeeping off. Finally, while all of these are very good reasons for you to procrastinate, they are not helping your business in any way. As a result, none of them are healthy for your business or the people who depend on you to keep the business going strong. And you are causing yourself unnecessary pain, not having your financials ready for taxes. Even more, without proper financials you can’t even get a loan if you needed one.


Accountants Help Build your Business


Another reason we say why us? Similarly as business owners ourselves, we know you don’t want any more costs than absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, it’s unavoidable for a successful business not to have a good bookkeeping practice in place. Therefore, the most important reason is to let us help you get you build your business strong and going in a positive financial direction.

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