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We’d like you to know more about us. Our founder is Tammy Bragg, MBA. She is the Principal here at Booksmart Strategies. Tammy received her Bachelors and Master’s degrees from the University of Charleston, in Charleston, WV. While Tammy has 18 years experience in accounting, 13 of those years she was in various Controller, Corporate Controller, or CFO roles. After moving to the Nashville area in 2013, she began helping many businesses clean up their books, setup and implement accounting systems, build out desk procedures and processes for proper accounting, and helped build out effective accounting departments.
Furthermore, Tammy has always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Likewise, building and proving she could do something has always been part of her personality. As an entrepreneur, Tammy currently owns rental property, a travel franchise, and the bookkeeping firm. Also, we know many people want to know more about us through recommendations, please check Tammy’s recommendations below.

How we started

Tammy took her experience and became a freelancer then in early 2017 started to build the Booksmart Strategies firm. Then, she has partnered with other accountants and professionals to offer expanded services. Also, Tammy is part of the Paro network, that includes only the top 2% of bookkeepers. As we continue to grow, we hope you’ll be a part of our business, as much as we are a part of yours.

To find out more about us, please visit the following pages, Our Values, Why Us, Services, and FAQ pages. In addition, we have many resources available under our resource pages, including help for new clients, QuickBooks, Xero and business and tax tips.

Tammy’s Recommendations

“Tammy is a rare combination of business know how and an undying thirst for applying technology for strategic/ commercial benefit while validating all of it through her financial control filters. I recommend working with her for a number of reasons. First of all, it is hard to find someone as dedicated to the goal as her. Whether coming up with a concept or figuring out what else exists in the market that compares with what is being looked into as a new product/ business opportunity, the financial projections, growth figures and furnishing the know how of the features and functionality, she will get into the thick of it and start figuring how to make progress. Second, she is not scared to jump into new challenges. It’s rare to meet someone who is so ready to step up to the plate when it is uncharted territory.” – Tech CEO

“I have known Tammy over a year and as well as being an elite professional, she is also a very caring person who seeks to help out others anyway she can. She will be an asset to any company she chooses to work for.” – Supervisor, SaaS Security Software and Products

“Tammy is very detail oriented and organized. She was always willing to help and pitch in, especially during the beginning stages of transferring the Shared Services Center from Philadelphia to South Charleston, WV. Tammy helped new employees feel welcome and she was a good trainer.” – HR Director, Professional Services

“Tammy is a great person to be around. She is very involved in the community and is always willing to help those in need. I have known Tammy for approximately five years through various community service organizations. She is always a great worker and some one you can depend on. I have found her to be very honest and ethical, as well as a true joy to be around.” – Owner, Insurance Agency

“Tammy provides quality and detailed financial support to the power plant. Her efforts support the spending on capital projects, operations & maintenance spending at the plant, help develop future spending and reconcile plant spending on a monthly basis. Her data, reports and knowledge support the company in providing low-cost power to our customers.” – Financial Planning and Analysis Manager, Energy Company

“Tammy is a very focused individual regardless of the project and stays on task. Her personality and caring ways is very sincere with everything she takes on, she’s a joy to be around.” -Professional Speaker, Coach, Trainer, and Author

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