New Clients

New Client Checklist

Having these items handy will help us on-board your business more effectively.

  • Legal name of entity  and EIN/FEIN – copy of CP575 the letter issued by the IRS with your EIN/FEIN
  • Corporation formation paperwork, if an LLC, S, or C corporation
  • Copy of previous accounting file or provide login for current accounting system so we can get the data – if you don’t have this we can use their most recent financial statements
  • Most recent tax return
  • Company logo in .png or .jpg format if you would like this to added to your invoicing templates
  • Provide us with an accountant login, if you have a current bookkeeping system, click here for instructions for QuickBooks Online, or click here for instructions for Xero accounting software
  • Contact info for your current CPA, Bookkeeper, or Tax Preparer
  • Current Chart of Accounts
  • Sales tax information – state ID number, tax rates for state and local sales tax
  • Your fiscal year end – December 31 or other fiscal period end date
  • Conversion date – the date we will take over Account balances if moving to a new accounting system
  • Login information for all bank, credit card, and/or loan accounts so we can get transactions and bank statements.
  • Outstanding invoices, bills, or uncleared funds
  • Payroll clients will need to provide login information to get reports, if we do payroll, we’ll need login information and we’ll need to work together to understand who you pay, how often, and how to get the needed time card or payroll information for processing.

Just A Few Quick Notes

While, this list may seem overwhelming, its not really a complicated process once we get started. These items help us get your system set up properly with your business model, type, and structure. Throughout this process, we’re here to help as much as possible. Also, please know we take our responsibilities seriously and having this information ready and available will help use transition your books more timely. Most importantly, we need bank transactions and bank statements to get your books in order, so we ask that no matter what we get this valuable information as soon as possible.

Thank you for working us and providing us what we need to get started. We look forward to joining your team and helping your business grow and get you back to doing what you do best – building your business…

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