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Keep up with your Music Artist Bookkeeping

As an music artist, you are always busy, working, or thinking about the next gig. Who has time for bookkeeping? We do!

In fact, we have nothing but time for bookkeeping! Because we are based in Nashville Tennessee, we are around musicians, artists, song writers, photographers, and film makers all the time. In fact our owner is married to a film maker, so being around creative types is just second nature.

Because we’re virtual and remote, you never have to worry about dealing with the headaches that bog you down like having an office would. This means you can focus on your dream and finding inspiration on the fly.  

Since we specialize in QuickBooks Online and Xero, they have mobile apps and add on’s that work where you work and when you work!

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Professional Accounting Services For Your Artistic Talents

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Our Music, Art, and Photography bookkeeping services include:

We offer basic bookkeeping services
Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly books

Project billing

Tax Ready Financials
Historical clean up/catch up
QuickBooks Online or Xero Setup
Set up of apps, payment systems
Limited inventory services

CFO and Advisory Services,  pricing strategy

Tax Planning

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