Frequently Asked Questions

We know you will have lots of questions but these will get you started

What Are Your Hours Of Operation?
We are in the office Monday – Friday from 9-5 pm and we ask that you make an appointment before stopping if you are local. However, we do a lot of work on weekends when time constraints demand it – especially during month end and year end. We typically do not hold meetings on weekends. If you have a need for contact with us over the weekend, please send an email.

Do I Need Bookkeeping?
Bookkeeping is important for several reasons. First, by freeing up time you would spend trying to put together your financials will allow you to concentrate on running your business. Bookkeeping also allows you to keep a picture of how much your business earns and what you spend your money on. Having this info can assist you with setting future goals for profitability and/or sales. Having an accurate set of financials is imperative when attempting to secure business loans or establish business credit. Bookkeeping is used as a tool in your business’s tax preparation. By keeping accurate records of your income and expenses you ensure taxes are paid only on your true net income. In the event of an IRS audit, bookkeeping can be well worth the expense as IRS requires accurate financial records to be maintained.

Do I Need Payroll?
If you are incorporated as an S Corporation, the IRS requires you to run a payroll. In addition, if you pay someone to do work for your business you become responsible for deducting payroll taxes based on wages earned. These taxes are then required to be paid to IRS and State agencies. Payroll reports are required to be filed quarterly and annually. Payroll processing is time consuming and often confusing. By outsourcing your payroll, you will have more free time and be less worried about whether you are in compliance with ever changing rules associated with payroll.

Do you have to have access to my bank accounts or other online services?

Yes, we’re sorry but there is no way around this. We have to have the most accurate information to do your books correctly. We do understand that you may be worried about safety and security of your information. Its hard to trust someone you just met with precious information, however this is part of the services we offer. If you’ve ever used a tax preparer or CPA, they usually ask for sensitive information as well. Its just part of what we do as accounting professionals. Rest assured, we are professional and confidential with your information.

How Does The Billing Work?
We will work with you to determine the correct package for your business. Upon the acceptance of our services, billing will begin. Once you have decided on the package that is right for you, we will send a Credit Card Authorization Form along with your business owner package contract, this form allows us to run your credit card each month at the agreed upon rate plus 3% convenience fee for the the credit card merchant charge we incur. We can do ACH at no extra charge. We want to be flexible so you can pick the day it bills each month if desired. Once set up, it will automatically recur each month with no further action needed.

How Do I Receive My Monthly Financial Work?
As a business owner, we know how important it is that you have access to all your financial information whenever needed so you will have unlimited access to your QuickBooks Online file with many reporting options you can run anytime. Our staff will send you monthly financial statements direct to your email on a recurring schedule.

What Kind of Communication Is Included With the Packages?
Every package comes with unlimited email and phone communication with our staff for the services within your package. We do ask that you be mindful of our time as we are helping other clients. Training questions, items we’ve frequently helped with, or questions about items outside your service plan will be charged at an hourly rate of $45/hour in 15 minute increments.

Is The Software Included?
The cost for software systems is not included in the core packages but can be added on if desired. We work with QuickBooks Online and Xero, if you already running QBO or Xero, you will be required to add us to your accountant access. You will need to provide us with an accountant login, if you have a current bookkeeping system, click here for instructions for QuickBooks Online, or click here for instructions for Xero accounting software.

If you do not have QBO or Xero, we’ll work with you to find the appropriate QBO or Xero subscription, then we’ll acquire the subscription and host our our account for you. You will receive access and will be billed at our discounted rate. QBO or Xero do offer some discounted rates for a very limited time as a trial if you sign up, with our discounted rate will stay in place. You pay what we pay.

While unlikely, due to the nature of using QuickBooks Online or Xero cloud software, you may find difficulties using certain internet browsers, or working with certain computers. Due to the nature of using third party software, such as QuickBooks, Xero, and Quickbooks and Xero add on apps, we cannot guarantee up time outside the third party warranties.

Do Your Accountants Travel To Client Offices To Complete Accounting Work?
No. Unfortunately in order to keep our costs as low as possible, we do not perform work onsite. We work very hard to ensure information can pass easily between us and our clients. Between email, our web portal, and even communicating through QBO, we have streamlined the way we can complete your bookkeeping payroll and consulting work. All designed to be simple for our clients.

Because we are considered remote or virtual bookkeepers for many businesses inside and outside of Tennessee. The key to our success here is about communication. Through technology and our strong focus on client service, we have created a system that works whether you are few miles or thousands miles away from us.

Do you train those who want to do DIY?
No. While we understand the desire to save money and to do your books yourself. We do not feel comfortable training business owners not to use our services. We feel that we offer very competitive pricing and our goal is to save business owners the headache of doing their own books. Because we are entrepreneurs ourselves doing this doesn’t work well with our business model. Also, we believe we need to protect our reputation, if we train to do DIY and mistakes are made, we do not want to be seen as responsible for these errors. We hope that you understand our position. We apologize for any inconvenience or hard feelings this may cause, and hope that you will maybe consider using one of our low cost services. We will however offer training to our clients as needed to run reports or do simple processes that work well with our partnership.

Are you a CPA service?
No, we are not CPA’s and do not represent ourselves as CPA’s. The bookkeeping industry does not have a certification process, however we are certified in the software and systems we use. We have many years or experience and welcome our work to be reviewed by your CPA or Tax professional. We will correct any errors or omissions found within 7 days.

We are not a CPA firm and we are not CPA’s, we provide outsourced bookkeeping and business consulting related to accounting. We will not audit or review your financial statements as those terms are defined in generally accepted auditing standards or any other accounting documents and information you provide. We will not verify the data you submit for accuracy or completeness. Rather, we will rely on the accuracy and completeness of the documents and information you provide to us. We may provide reports that contain portions of financial information; these reports are for internal management use only. We will provide unaudited, informational financial statements.

We do not at any time provide legal services of any type, nor do we provide CPA advisory services. We may however, find items that may need to be reviewed further by you. We may also find patterns for cost savings and income opportunities; any observations are strictly informational and do not constitute business advice voluntary in nature. Furthermore, you are responsible for management decisions and functions, for designating a competent employee and/or CPA advisor to oversee any of the services we provide, and for evaluating the adequacy and results of those services.

We also do not provide forensic accounting or auditing services that would normally be requested to discover errors, misrepresentations, fraud, illegal acts, or theft. Our engagement cannot be relied on to disclose errors, irregularities, or illegal acts, including fraud or embezzlements, that may exist. However, we will inform the appropriate level of management specifically designated by you, of any material errors that come to our attention and any irregularities or illegal acts that come to our attention, unless they are clearly inconsequential. In addition, you are solely responsible for the financial responsibilities and you are responsible to follow proper financial standards as a responsible business owner. You are responsible for designing and implementing controls to prevent and detect fraud and informing us about all known or suspected fraud impacting the company. In addition, you are responsible for identifying and ensuring that the entity complies with applicable laws and regulations.


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