Business Dashboards

How Business Dashboards Help Your Business

A business dashboard is an information management tool that is used to track KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), metrics, and other key data relevant to a business or specific processes. First of all, dashboards simplify massive amounts of data into usable visual blocks to help business owners see quickly how their business is doing at any time. Likewise, these visual blocks are easy to read and understand. Commonly, a business owner doesn’t really know their historic and current performance, yet they know what’s in their bank account.

Since, actively growing companies can spend up to 80 percent of their time collecting, monitoring, analyzing, and reporting data. They use this data to understand customer behavior, sales tends, and expense variants. Ultimately, having a meaningful dashboard can help you track many metrics. Metrics can include business expenses, sales data, customer invoices, overdue balances, even social media, website analytics, project management, and other industry and business specific KPI data.

Compliment to Cash Flow Projections

Previously, we’ve discussed on our Cash Flow page, 65% of small businesses fail due to experiencing problems with cash flow. As a result, we also believe businesses owner focus more on trying to maintain cash and stay afloat. Consequently without understanding why the business is failing so quickly. Unfortunately, many even dig their hand in the sand out of fear they’ll make things worse if they try anything different.

While we’ve all heard the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Yet most business owners in failing businesses continue to do the same things. Similarly, many business owners get investments, loans, credit cards, and dump their own personal finances into a failing businesses trying to save them. Again, never changing anything about how their businesses run or operate. As a result, they are setting themselves up for ultimate failure and a lot of future heartache.

Hence, part of our CFO services, we help you set up a dashboard system. Thus, we can help you understand more than cash flow and really dig into the heart of problems, as well as successes. In addition, particular industries like SaaS (Software as a Service), and technology companies have unique needs for revenue recognition for subscriptions.

Therefore, we highly recommend the more complex your business, the more you need a dashboard system for your business information. Even more small businesses can benefit from a dashboard system.

Due to the great need for information and analytics, we hope that you will allow us to research and implement a dashboard system that will help you understand your business.

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