About Our Bookkeeping Services


We offer many bookkeeping and accounting services like most bookkeeping and accounting firms offer. However, we offer value added pricing versus per hour billing. Thus, this makes our services more affordable and predictable for your budget. Our pricing structure for our accounting services is based on revenue, expenses, and volume. So if we won’t be charging you at per minute or some other incremental rate for things we do. Most noteworthy, we provide our bookkeeping services at flat rates for items such as basic bookkeeping services, bill pay, invoicing, payroll, and much more. Likewise, we feel that outsourcing your accounting services to us just makes more sense.

Therefore, our emphasis on small business and knowing your budgets will grow with proper bookkeeping, we feel that it makes sense to grow with you instead of charging an arm or leg or nickel and dime our services. For that reason as you build your quote, if something doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll work with you to build an accounting services package that works for your needs and budget, while addressing your specific bookkeeping requirements the best we can. Certainly, either party may not be a good fit for our bookkeeping services, we hope that we can work with as many small businesses as possible, be your partner, and grow with you. We’ll even offer discounts  for client referrals to help with our invoices. From on-board to valued long term partner, we want you to feel like we care about you.

Our Basic Bookkeeping Services


Monthly Posting of Transactions

Our team of expert bookkeepers will ensure that all of your business bank and credit card transactions are posted accurately and timely each month and reconciled with your bank account statements. Each month journal entries made as appropriate for your type of business, including month end close, adjusting journals, and accruals.

Financial Review

Quarterly we will  review all aspects of your business from top to bottom to determine if we can make any recommendations to help you and your business.

Monthly Financial Statements

You’ll receive accurate and up to date financial statements after each month closes. When your financials are ready, you’ll be able to  run and review all available reports in your QuickBooks Online or Xero account.

Tax Ready Financials

Your financials will be ready to complete taxes each your on time, no more excuses and no extensions! Because you are a sole proprietor, you must file a Schedule C to report your profit and loss from the business, we’ll make sure you have everything you need.

Optional Add-On Accounting Services

Bill Pay (AP)

We will implement an easy-to-use software so that paying bills will be easier & less time consuming. Plus, you will have greater cash flow visibility. Best part is you won’t have to print or sign checks manually!

Quarterly Books

Need your books done less often?  Add on this service for weekly reconciliations of your business transactions.

Fixed Asset Management

Do you have equipment or other assets that fall under Long Term Assets? Each month we will ensure all assets are recorded properly and depreciated according to your Tax Pro’s recommended schedule or tax return methodology.

QuickBooks or Xero Setup

We’ll build out all your settings, and your chart accounts custom to your business. Add your opening balances, your customers, vendors, and contractor

Invoicing (AR)

We can manage your invoicing and bill your customers, so you spend less time trying to get paid. We can also automate the collections process  to help eliminate late payments whenever possible, helping your cash flow needs.

Weekly Books

Need your books completed more timely for cash flow projections? Add on this service for weekly reconciliations of your business transactions.


If you use an integrated POS System or online ecommerce portal that works with QBO or Xero, we may be able to help. Let us know what you do and we’ll work with you to find a good solution or make recommendations to work with your structure.

Cloud Accounting Subscription

Get QuickBooks Online or Xero and have us host your service on our account. Bonus for taking advantage of our discounted rate!

Payroll Service

Need help running payroll and filing your returns? We’ll help you get setup and ensure quarterly and annual filings are done timely and accurately. We also will add all the proper journal entries into your books.

Catch-up Work

Books not current? We’ll help you if you’re a few months or a few years behind, We’ll get you back on track.

Project Work

Every once in a while you need additional support outside your normally monthly package. Count on us to get it done!

We’re able to take on project work by appointment and hourly fees apply.

App Add On

QuickBooks Online and Xero are versatile systems and works with many add on applications and payment systems. We will research and recommend apps to compliment your business processes.

1099 Pay Service

Do you pay contractors weekly, biweekly, or monthly through direct deposit? This is for you. We also have a year end 1099 reporting and filing service to help make year end easier.

Local Taxes

Stop forgetting to pay your sales or franchise tax. Eliminate the confusion with multiple rates and filings. We will ensure it is done on time.

CFO Services

You may need CFO level support, maybe a budget created, cash flow projections, pricing, or consulting work that falls outside our normal services such as preparing information for a loan, due diligence, or investor funding as you grow.



Need help with Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and metrics, or a financial dashboard or other financial analysis for your business? Maybe you need tax planning for your S Corp, maybe we can be of service.

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