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Tammy is a rare combination of business know how and an undying thirst for applying technology for strategic/ commercial benefit while validating all of it through her financial control filters. I recommend working with her for a number of reasons. First of all, it is hard to find someone as dedicated to the goal as her. Whether coming up with a concept or figuring out what else exists in the market that compares with what is being looked into as a new product/ business opportunity, the financial projections, growth figures and furnishing the know how of the features and functionality, she will get into the thick of it and start figuring how to make progress. Second, she is not scared to jump into new challenges. It’s rare to meet someone who is so ready to step up to the plate when it is uncharted territory. SaaS CEO, Founder, Contract CTO

Looking for a bookkeeper for your Tech company?

Did you Google Bookkeeping Services specifically for the tech industry? You’ve come to the right place!

Before starting the bookkeeping practice, our owner Tammy, had 5 years working for technology companies. Even through Tammy was a Controller and CFO she wore multiple hats as required in startups. Not only that, she was part of a brain storming team for new SaaS external end user practice management software and a Marketplace Platform for artists for her last company, which was a marketing technology company. In addition, she even was on the team to test during the agile development process.

<—Here’s what the CTO said about Tammy!

Furthermore, Tammy even built this website and researched SEO techniques before outsourcing some of the more complex issues. So not your average bookkeeper! Yet, knowledgeable enough to be dangerous when left alone to own devices…

Also, we feel that you’ll appreciate we’re virtual, and cost effective! Likewise, we use cloud accounting software so we can provide services anywhere and work remotely, saving you money. On top of that, we don’t need to remind you being in the tech industry, outsourcing saves you the HR headaches.

We specialize in QuickBooks Online and Xero, both work with different API’s and add on apps!

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Our Technology bookkeeping services include:

SaaS KPI’s and Metrics, R&D Accounting
Revenue recognition specifically for Tech, SEO, Web
We offer basic bookkeeping services
Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly books
Tax Ready Financials
Historical clean up/catch up
QuickBooks Online or Xero Setup
Limited inventory services
CFO and Advisory Services, including pricing strategy
Tax Planning

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