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Who do we work with?

Our target customers are “microbusinesses” under $1 million and small businesses under $5 million that are set up as Sole Proprietors, Limited Liability Companies, and S Corporations.  Our niche customers work in the service industry and focus on providing quality B2C and B2B services through technology, social media, and online methods. We love helping those businesses and individuals that provide excellent customer service to their local market, whether you’re a painter, Uber driver, have a brick and mortar service establishment, or a local business coach. Although we are located in the Nashville, Tennessee market, we are virtual and can serve anyone in the US. In case you’re wondering, our service packages start at $49/month and you can get a free, no obligation quote right on our website.

We provide bookkeeping for the following industries:

(Your business type not listed? Contact us to see if we can help)

Tech, SaaS, Web, SEO

Independent Contractors

Music, Film, Art

Marketing & Social Media


Photography & Video

Service Professionals


Vacation Rentals

Service Based Businesses

Home Based Businesses

Travel Agents

Did you know?

Bookkeepers are accountants that manage your general ledgers, aka “Your Books”, maintain transaction history, update balance sheets, track cash-flows, as well as create financial reports that show your business’s position at the end of every month – meaning whether you are profitable or not.  Bookkeepers also manage your business documentations for audits and taxes. Thus, ensuring a smooth filing process at year end. Along with all of these tasks they also handle many additional accounting activities, like:

  1. Help you set up your business, business accounts, and tax filings
  2. Set up your accounting software, build your Chart of Accounts
  3. Handle bank transaction records, both expenses and deposits, and statement reconciliation
  4. Credit card account Reconciliations
  5. Bill entry and bill payments
  6. Maintaining an accounts payable register for tracking what is due and when, applying payments to bills paid
  7. Invoicing your customers and applying payments to customer accounts receivable
  8. Maintain Customer records and providing customer statements
  9. Maintain accounts receivable reports showing who owes you, and how much, along with how often and what they buy
  10. Write off accounts receivable properly
  11. Handle bank transaction records, both expenses and deposits, and statement reconciliation
  12. Credit card account Reconciliations
  13. Key, calculate, and process payroll for your employees, payments to contractors based on your pay schedules
  14. Calculate payroll tax liabilties, prepare tax filings, and ensure timely payments
  15. Calculate and distribute W-2’s and 1099’s
  16. Maintaining records for all your long term assets for proper depreciation for your taxes
  17. Identify discrepancies found in the accounts
  18. Reviewing all accounts and making journal entries to inventory, adjustments, and close of month and year
  19. Maintain and provide accurate financial statements
  20. File sales, franchise, and other local and state tax filings
  21. Work with your accountant at year end
  22. Provide accounting support and expert guidance as needed to help you grow your business

If you could do this all yourself, you would probably not be researching bookkeepers. We know this and understand as a small business owner you already wear too many hats. Adding 22 additional duties to your full plate just isn’t going to be possible.

Outsourcing your accounting to a bookkeeper is not only smart, its essential. On average we save small businesses 125 hours a year, if you hire someone you are looking at equipment, office space, benefits, employee taxes, and a salary which can quickly add up to $35,000 a year or more. It only makes sense to outsource. Not only that, smart small business owners average $20,000 in additional savings when they follow our cost reduction plan. We can even work to find you enough savings to pay for our services and still save you money. 

How can we help you?


We’re experienced small business accountants,. All our bookkeepers have extensive accountanting backgrounds, some are MBA’s, and we are all certified or advanced certifed in every software system we use. While each of us have extensive experience in multiple accounting software systems, our software of choice for Small Business is QuickBooks Online.


We provide help with your DIY payroll through full service payroll including tax filings. We have experience in multi-state payroll. We can account for all of your payroll transactions in your books properly.  We’re sure you have enough to worry about, and you don’t want to mess with 940, 941, W-2, W-3, 1099’s and 1096’s, let alone any corrections.

Tax Planning...

Each year millions of Americans file extensions for their small businesses. Not because they are lazy or don’t want to file on time, but because their books are behind. Then the realize they need to get a plan together to not only file taxes, but get their books cleaned up. That’s where we come in. We’ll get you cleaned up and work with you to find tax savings.


“My account was too small for my CPA so I ended up paying for work that wasn’t getting done. I don’t really want to fool around with my books that often but I want to know they are done right so all I have to do is file my taxes and maybe get a loan. Booksmart got me all straightened out and now I know I’m in good hands”


Freelance Graphic Designer

The staff at Booksmart Strategies are great! They make me for not so guilty for letting my books get in bad shape. They were really caring about it and worked with me to make sure they know my business. I only wished I would have reached out sooner then I wouldn’t have had to file tax extensions!”


Franchise Travel Agency

“Tammy at Booksmart Strategies is great! She had a lot of accounting cleanup to do and worked hard to get it done correctly. She always helped me when I need help with accounting and payroll issues. I highly recommend working with Tammy if you get the chance. I know she’ll do a great job for anyone!”


HR, Home Delivery Co

Bookkeeping behind?

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